Serious Injury

Greenville Personal Injury Attorney

serious injuryWhen a person is injured in an accident, the type of injuries that they receive is often separated into different categories of severity. These types of accidents can take a toll on family members of the victim. Before the accident, the victim may have been able to do everything on their own, hold a steady job, and provide for themselves and their family. However, after a serious injury, they might not be able to do many things for themselves anymore. These situations are why Garcia Law Firm wants to help. Our Greenville personal injury attorney is here to help you gain compensation for your injuries, time off work, medical bills, and emotional trauma caused from an accident.

Catastrophic injuries are life-altering injuries that the person cannot recover from, even under extensive medical care or therapy. Those types of injuries can include, but are not limited to, brain injuries, loss of limbs or senses, nerve damage, and paralysis. If you or someone you know has been affected by a catastrophic injury, the best thing to do is contact Garcia Law Firm. Our attorneys are experienced in these types of cases, ready to help you gain the compensation and peace of mind you need during this traumatic time.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are another serious injury that can change a life. A TBI can come as a result of a blow to the head, concussions and contusions, slip and fall injuries, penetration injuries to the brain, or even a sudden acceleration or deceleration. These types of injuries should not be taken lightly. If you have attained one of these injuries, seek medical attention immediately. Your next step should be to contact a Greenville personal injury attorney.

Garcia Law Office is here for your needs. They understand what you’re going through and are here to guide you through this ordeal. Contact the office today to schedule your case consultation.