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auto collision

The most recent statistics available from the South Carolina Department of Public Safety indicate that, in South Carolina, an automobile collision involving property damage occurs every 5.5 minutes, a collision involving injuries occurs every 13.9 minutes, and a collision involving a fatality occurs every 9.6 hours, and a pedestrian is killed every 2.9 days[1].

Since its inception, the automobile has expanded the distance in which individuals can work, play, and conduct their day-to-day activities. Unfortunately, for all the positive impacts that automobiles have had on our daily lives, it has also brought with it the risk of property damage, injury and death. While we all hope to never be involved in one of these incidents, we need to be mentally prepared to preserve our entitlement to compensation for our injuries and damages when these unfortunate incidents arise. Although our Greenville injury lawyers at Garcia Law, LLC want to be the first thought that arises when a potential client has suffered injury, the truth is, there are a few things that logically need to be tended to before seeking legal representation.

Most importantly—and we cannot stress this enough—get the medical attention you need immediately. Sure, there are instances where the first step will be to speak to local law enforcement and confirm that the allegedly responsible party’s information has been obtained, but once those initial formalities have been resolved, your health is the number one priority. Seeking immediate (and necessary) medical treatment serves several functions in the legal setting, but most importantly, it documents the initial complaint of pain and injury and that initial complaint and documentation will set the tone for the rest of the claim. If you are in good enough health to stay at the scene, take pictures of the vehicles and the surrounding roads, and get the names and addresses of potential witnesses.

At some point after the collision, you may receive a call from the alleged at-fault party’s insurance company. You may also want to contact your insurance company. The statements you make to the insurance companies may be recorded and used against you at a later date. If possible, Garcia Law, LLC would like to speak to you before these statements must be made.

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