Avoid Holiday Road Trip Accidents December 21, 2018 | Categories: Uncategorized

Keeping Safe on the Road in South Carolina During the Holiday Season

Whether they are visiting relatives, enjoying their winter break or merely shopping across town, South Carolinians will be doing plenty of driving this holiday season. Combined with other factors, this increase in driving will in turn increase the risk of accidents, some of which will result in death or serious injury. In order to help them deal with the financial aspects of serious crashes, victims and their families will need the services of a car accident lawyer Greenville SC. They can find such assistance from the legal firm Garcia Law LLC. Motorists also need to recognize driving risks and take steps to minimize them. 

The Risks of Holiday Driving

One of the most serious driving risks comes from motorists who may be distracted as they send their holiday greetings or announce their planned arrivals through cellphones or by texting. Holiday celebrating can also worsen the problem of intoxicated driving, which is serious in South Carolina throughout the year. Another risk comes from the time of year, with icy roads, poor visibility and longer periods of darkness factoring in many vehicular mishaps. No matter the cause, those involved in serious traffic crashes can benefit from the services provided by car accident lawyers in Greenville SC. 

Tips for Safe Driving

Drinking and driving is a dangerous mix, which is why designated drivers should be selected to take home those who have done too much holiday celebrating. Since fatigue can also increase the likelihood of accidents, travelers should moderate their time on the road and should never be afraid to stop and rest. Prior planning can help avoid the driving pressures that can lead to crashes. The victims of accidents that result from the negligence of others should consider seeking help from a car accident lawyer Greenville SC. They should specifically consider contacting Garcia Law LLC.