Teen Drivers: The Distractions they Face December 19, 2018 | Categories: Uncategorized

Teenage Drivers: Distracted and Deadly

teenage drivers

Your teenager is now driving. It’s a relief not to have to do so many pickups and drop-offs. But teenagers don’t magically transform when they get behind the wheel. They are the same people they are at home, continuously using their cell phones at all hours in all kinds of places, including the car. 

What’s the Problem? 

Just look at the numbers. Teen drivers between 15 and 19 years old are most likely to cause distracted driving accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Of accidents that result in injuries, 15 percent are due to distraction. And teens drivers have a much higher rate of being in an accident than adults. 

Cell phone ownership by teens has become ubiquitous, according to EMarketer.com, with 81 percent of teens 12-17 owning them in 2018. Indeed, 76 percent of people 13-24 report that they are addicted to their cell phones. This means their attention is being taken away from the road and the potential for accidents is high. And the chances of cell phone ownership decreasing among teens is unlikely. 

Car Accident Lawyer Greenville SC 

You should have legal representation in case you are hit by a distracted driver. It is especially important if someone is injured or killed. In South Carolina, texting while driving is illegal but there’s no ban against using handheld devices. To strengthen your case, it may be necessary to get statements from witnesses. It is also possible that if the teen is ticketed with distracted driving, he or she will try to work out a plea deal. You should report to the prosecutor about your injuries so the plea fails. A Greenville accident attorney at Garcia Law LLC is much better equipped to handle such details. 

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