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Slip and Fall

Most businesses are very diligent when it comes to maintaining a safe working and shopping environment for their employees and customers. Properly trained business managers understand the legal responsibility aspects the operation has to all individuals who are in their store. But, many businesses still have very active sales floors that include shelves being stocked and merchandise being moved while customers are in the store shopping. This activity can lead to any number of scenarios where customers may be injured due to a slip-and-fall accident, which are injuries that are much more common than people realize. While safety is always a concern at any business, big stores with minimal floor staff can lead to certain issues being overlooked when safety is not a top priority. And, when safety concerns are lax, injuries tend to be the result, including outside safety responsibilities as well.

Inside Injury Claims

Most slip-and-fall injury cases that occur inside the business are the responsibility of the business owner or operator. It is important to understand that a building owner and the business operator may not be the same party, which means that certain injury claims could also include the structure owner or manager as a negligent actor. Injuries that occur due to stocking or floor maintenance issues are the responsibility of the business operator in most cases but building owners can be responsible as well when the injury occurred due to inefficiencies in the structure or failure by the building owner to make adequate structure repairs.

Outside Injury Claims

Many businesses are also responsible for maintaining safe walking surfaces for customers outside the building as well. But, who is actually responsible will depend on the terms of the lease if the business operator does not own the property. Commercial property owners that house multiple businesses will commonly take responsibility for parking lot maintenance for the commercial location, but local businesses are normally responsible for keeping sidewalks clear for customers. Again, the business operator and building owner could still both be found liable in court, which could lead to whole damage awards in some cases.

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