Most Common Workers Compensation Injuries November 16, 2018 | Categories: Uncategorized

workers compensationNo one wakes up on a workday thinking they may become a statistic that day. Most people get out of bed, dress, eat breakfast and then head for the job. However, Garcia Law LLC lawyers in Greenville SC speak with clients regularly who showed up for work as usual but found themselves in a hospital bed by sundown due to an accident on the job that day.

Of the various types of accidents that cause the most work place injuries in South Carolina, slips and falls rank right near the top. Included in this category are falls from ladders, slipping on spilled liquid, tripping on an object, and falling down stairs. Obviously, any of these accidents can produce broken bones, head injuries or internal organ damage.

Occupational injuries related to electrical accidents can be especially egregious because of the quick and destructive nature of electricity when it comes into contact with a human body. Manufacturing and construction fields in South Carolina have a propensity for producing this type of job injury, as any Greenville workers comp attorney can attest. Some of the most common causes of electrical injuries are exposed wires, faulty or defective power tools, misuse of extension cords, and direct contact with power lines. Other common workers comp injuries stem from heavy lifting, sprains and strains, exposure to hazardous materials, and being hit by falling objects.

It is very important to note that an injured employee should report the incident to the employer right away and seek medical attention immediately. In turn, the employer must then notify the insurance company carrying the workers comp policy. Following these guidelines can help ensure that claims are not denied. Further, it is advisable for the injured employee to seek legal counsel as soon as possible from a qualified Greenville personal injury lawyer in an experienced firm like Garcia Law LLC.