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Injured in a Train Accident? Can you get compensation?

Train accidents can be horrific events under certain circumstances. Not only can passengers be injured, but fatalities are very common when trains strike vehicles being operated by drivers who do not stop at cross arms or railroad crossings. While racing a train to a crossing is not a good driving decision, it is still a practice for many drivers who may be in a hurry for any reason. The result is often bad, and total fault is not always assigned to the train engineer or transportation company. The chain of events that led to the injuries can be very important in a train accident injury case just like any other accident injury claim, but there is a much better possibility of whole damages when being injured in a train accident because railroad companies tend to carry significant insurance protection levels or can even choose to insure themselves. The fact that the respondent party is a corporation is significant in this regard, and having an experienced personal injury lawyer in Greenville SC like Garcia Law LLC means there is potential for a whole damage settlement, especially for train passengers. 

Why you should not handle the claim personally

While it is possible to settle a train accident injury claim personally, it rarely results in full damages. Regardless of whether the negotiation is directly with the railroad company or their insurance carrier, the novice injured claimant is at a real disadvantage when dealing with a trained professional negotiator focused on protecting the company bottom line. The agents may be acceptable to compensation for medical bills while wanting to avoid general damages for pain-and-suffering, which is typically the most valuable element of a settlement. Injured claimants with legal representation often receive up to three times the compensation than those who do not retain legal counsel. 

Contact an Experienced Train Accident Attorney

Train accident injury claims can be complicated legal issues under the right conditions, and it is never advisable to handle the case personally because the claim eventually wind up in court. South Carolina residents should always call the legal professionals at Garcia Law LLC personal injury lawyer Greenville SC for aggressive legal representation.